What are your minimums?

We are proud to work with up and coming designers who require small production runs in order to establish themselves. We are also delighted to produce for established brands requiring runs in the thousands. Our flexible production model means we can cater to most requirements.

Do you source fabric?

Yes! We have a long standing relationship with a number of fabric suppliers and source a huge range and variety of fabrics. 

How are you different?

Designers and fashion brand buyers tell us they most appreciate the quality we consistently deliver, communicating with someone who understands their culture and requirements, the fair trade and zero waste approach, and the flexible minimums.

Customers purchasing corporate and workwear uniforms, as well as businesses sourcing branded promotional items, state they also really value the bespoke products that we offer. 

Why the name 'Visible'?

We believe in total transparency within the clothing industry. We make our people and processes visible so you can have the confidence that you are contributing to a better world. Exploitation of people and the planet would cease if all businesses were open and visible.

What do you mean by being zero waste?

Our goal is to be a zero waste production facility. From design to delivery, we utilise innovative processes that ensure that every piece of fabric that enters the tailoring centre leaves in a finished product. We want to ensure that our commitment to affordability and fashion is not compromised as we design and produce clothes with a zero waste philosophy. True fairness only comes when we make a commitment to the environment. As people continue to consume more we believe it's essential to find ways to waste less, produce in smarter ways, and develop new production structures with the environment in mind. For example, any excess or "waste fabric" that can't be used in clothing or accessories, gets turned into pulp by our partner organisation employing Tibetan refugees. This pulp is then used in a variety of ways including in notebooks.

Do you own any of the brands you supply? 

We have two in-house fashion brands: Eternal Creation and Visible Man. 

What does being fair trade mean to you?

Ultimately, it is about treating others the way we want to be treated. We apply this to our internal interactions, policies, and procedures, and well as to how we aim to treat you, our customer. We are members of the Fair Trade Forum of India, and our in-house brands are members of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.